The canons of The Episcopal Church give exclusive authority over the fiscal affairs of the parish to the vestry. Vestry members are also spiritual leaders who are committed to building up the Body of Christ so that it can be an effective instrument of mission and ministry in the world.

“The Vestry shall assist the rector in the nurture and extension of Christ’s Church. The Vestry shall have legislative authority for the parish and shall transact all of its temporal business.”
(Canon 9.2.b of The Episcopal Church)

Vestry members are elected at the annual meeting for three year terms. Any person who is regular in worship, is 18 years of age or older and has made and maintained a financial commitment to the parish in the previous year is eligible to serve on the vestry.

Vestry members are liaisons for various important ministries of the church.    Please contact the Vestry liaison with any question or concern.












Laura with grandson, Riv

Laura Hall, Warden

My husband (Andy) and I married in 2006, reside in Enfield CT, and came to OSA while searching for a Church to call “ours” in early 2009. We were invited by a dear friend who is also a member. We are thrilled to have a spiritual home to raise our kids that offers cultural diversity and open and progressive thinking. I have served in various roles including Vestry member, Treasurer and church school teacher. Our family has made many wonderful friends at OSA.

I currently work part time as a Payroll Administrator for a local employment agency, and in the past co-owned and was CFO for a company doing commercial large scale foundation work, road & bridgework throughout Connecticut. My “real” job, however, is driving kids around (and feeding them)….I have both a teenage daughter and an elementary school age son involved in many activities. I also have two adult children, a daughter-in-law, and two adorable Grandsons that I love spending time with. My hobbies that keep me sane include gardening, knitting, kayaking, and reading.


Bob Gresham, Warden

My wife, Carolyn, and I found Old Saint Andrew’s a few years ago.  It is truly a church worth finding.  Since that time I have become an usher (along with Carolyn), helped with various events, and we host a coffee hour as assigned.  I am originally from Schenectady New York and now reside in Windsor.  Carolyn and I have 4 grown children between us, and 4 grandchildren.

Although I have been retired from the International Logistics field for a few years now, I keep busy with many different activities such as Washington Lodge #70 A.F. & A.M. in Windsor and various appendant bodies of Masonry, operate my own logistics and training company, and also work part time for Carmon Funeral Homes.

Living on the Rainbow Reservoir, we spend a good deal of time enjoying the outdoors and the active wildlife along the water and kayaking as much as possible.





Susan Murray,  Treasurer ( Bio coming soon!)


Diana Hughes

Diana Hughes,  Clerk (Vestry liaison supporting Worship -related ministries)

Old Saint Andrews has been my spiritual home for over 45 years. Shortly after we moved to Bloomfield, my husband and I began to look for a church. One Sunday we stumbled upon Old Saint Andrews. On our arrival, the rector came out personally to greet us and we quickly became a part of this welcoming and caring community. It’s a truly special place. Over the years I have served on the vestry, been a member of altar guild, outreach and involved pastoral care. I am currently a chalicist and the clerk of the vestry.

Although I am retired from teaching and training I still find plenty to do. Gardening is one of my passions as well as traveling and doing things outdoors. I also love to knit and sew, my creative outlets.











Mary Ellen Scott

(Vestry liaison for Coffee Hour/Coordinator)

I joined Old St. Andrews in 2008 after my husband and I started a family. As former Catholics, we were seeking a change to find a place more accepting of all. We immediately found the openness and welcoming nature of the parish to be a perfect fit for our family. Old Saint Andrews has been like a family to us as our family has grown to include a home filled with two adopted children and family dog. We live in this beautiful corner of Bloomfield just 2 miles from church.

I work part time as a controller and as a training designer. With my free time, I love to travel. I enjoy time with the kids skiing, hiking or watching them play sports. I also enjoy volunteering. I’ve been part of the rector search, serve on the Board of Trustees for endowments held with the Episcopal Church in CT and enjoy being part of vestry.


ashley dog










(Ashley with Lilly)

Ashley Atencio 

(Co-Assistant Treasurer)

Although I was raised in nearby Simsbury, I had no idea of the existence of Old St. Andrew’s until 2010 when I happened to be in the area and poked my head in. If you had told me a decade ago (when I lived in Manhattan) that today I would be a confirmed Episcopalian, active in church leadership, and refer to the members of this lively country parish as my “church family,” I never would have believed you. I am proud to be part of a community that is open, inclusive, welcoming, progressive, and intellectually curious. I feel that these qualities are what make OSA not only relevant but a necessary community in the 21st century.

As an artist, woodworker, and general jack of all trades, I am proud to be one person in a long list of caretakers of this beautiful building with which we are blessed. I feel as connected to the spirit of this congregation and the souls that came before me when I am taking Sunday communion along the hand-carved black walnut altar rail as I do when I am alone on a summer afternoon sanding and re-painting those 200-year old red doors. It is hard not to be joyful about welcoming newcomers (like I was not so ago) to this magical little corner of Bloomfield.










Kyle Conard

(Vestry liaison for Music ministries)

My husband and I have attended OSA since the fall of 1990, when we moved back to the area from Virginia. We were looking for a church home in which to raise the family we hoped to soon have, and wanted a church that was a good fit for a former Congregationalist, and a Catholic. We both loved the warmth and friendliness of OSA, and for me, the music and choir was also a great match. We live in Simsbury, and our 2 sons have grown up in this church and developed life long friends here.

I work for CREC, in the Simsbury schools with deaf students, for academic support. At OSA I am in the choir, and have been involved in various committees such as worship, outreach/inreach, and most recently, adult education



Deb Murray

(Vestry liaison for Christian Formation)

My husband, Ken, grew up at Old St. Andrew’s since he was a very young boy. We were married here in 2006 and both of our children were baptized together in 2009. We have since, become a part of the family of OSA (again for Ken). For my husband, the church is a nostalgic and comforting place for him. I grew up as a Catholic and find OSA more progressive and feel I can worship the way I choose without expectations or judgment. OSA is a place that truly welcomes everyone. This is comforting to me and allows my husband and I to provide an extended family with spiritual connections for our children. It is also, another outlet to stay connected with my own family as my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family regularly attend.

As an educator, I’ve been working eleven years as a fourth grade teacher and have spent the last ten as an Assistant Principal at an elementary school in an urban area. As most have come to find, I have strong beliefs about education, equity, and racial issues within our country.

This is my first venture in working with the church at this level. I am typically the one in the background. I hope this new commitment to my spiritual life will bring joy, peace and new adventures to my family and me.



Doug Barnard

(Vestry liaison for Buildings and Grounds matters)

I’m a native to Bloomfield.  My family was here before the Revolutionary War.  Some of my ancestors attended OSA but I grew up attending the Congregational Church.  I was introduced to OSA by my wife and have been attending regularly for many years.  I have served as Junior Warden and as a Vestry person.  I also serve as a chalicist and lay reader.   I am retired from the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection where I raised fish for the hatcheries for distribution into the streams and rivers.   I am also a Free Mason.  I love to hunt and fish.  I find OSA to be a caring and accepting community and am very happy to call it my spiritual home.