Christian Formation at OSA

As Christians, we are on a journey with Christ which continually changes and evolves. Many things form us as Christians: worship and liturgy, outreach and service, education. OSA invites you to join us as a community as we all continue to explore worship, develop programs, and discover opportunities to deepen our relationship with Christ.

Our Children

Your children are always welcomed and acknowledged as important members of the body of Christ at OSA. Children of all ages participate in our services. You will find an actively staffed child care program for young children during the 10.00 a.m. service every Sunday. To start the year, the nursery has been moved down the hall to the 2nd classroom on the left.

Church School

For 2016-2017, the first parent/guardian meeting will be on September 18 after church.   Your children will meet for Church School on the 2nd and 3rd and some 4th Sundays of the month. The last Sunday of the month is a time when children serve and the first Sunday of each month is Family Sunday. (Please check our on-line calendar of events for up-dates.) Church School begins at 9:45 (15 minutes before the Service starts; your on-time arrival is really important!). The Chalicist will alert the teachers during the Prayers of the People so your children can join you at the Peace and for communion.

You will find a class for 4 to 8-year olds and a second class for 9 to 13-year olds. Three times during the year, the children sing in church during the 10 o’clock service or at our Christmas celebration, Tidings of Comfort & Joy. Please contact Cory Bowie at if you’re interested in volunteering to share in teaching and supervision.

Church School for 2015-2016 will continue the fun, new approach started last year. The focus is on learning Christian values, morals and ethics and how they can be expressed in daily life. In other words, our children live into the Jesus story and the expectations about how to live productive lives based on compassion, forgiveness, inclusion, justice and love.

We are eager to grow our church school and look forward having your children grow with us! So please, also consider bringing friends who have children so they can enjoy our program, too. Since we are starting fresh this year, your participation and feedback are critical to our success. Please, feel free to contact Cory Bowie at (860) 216-6128 or with your ideas, suggestions or concerns.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Every year at Tidings of Comfort and Joy, our community party, OSA invites the parish and all Bloomfield residents to gather for a wonderful carol sing which mixes congregational and choir hymns, anthems and old favorites.  Church school children perform poems, songs, and instrumental music in anticipation of Christmas.  Afterwards, everybody retire to the parish hall for hot cocoa, mulled cider, and lots of eats.

christmas play